Mille Lacs Information

Smallmouth Bass on Mille Lacs

Mille Lacs is Minnesota’s second largest lake. Ranging in depth from 20-38 feet, it features sand, weeds, mud flats, to gravel and rock reefs. It provides opportunities for great shallow reef-top fishing, shoreline break fishing, and deep-water angling. The lake is well supplied with Walleye, Northern Pike, Muskie, Jumbo Perch, Small Mouth Bass and Tullibee due to its abundant supply of forage. Ice fishing is popular, and safe, due to the 2-4 feet ice thickness achieved during our cold Minnesota winters.

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To find that hot bait and setup that caught the most fish or the big ones stop and visit: Reeds – Tutt’s Bait and Tackle – Johnson’s Portside – Prince Bait – Malmo Market –  Trailside Bait & Convenience

Double on Smallmouth BassWe guide for many resorts around the lake. Another great option or alternative to launches we offer is: Private 4 to 8 person single group trips on one or both 25 foot nicely set up pontoons. We may Troll – Anchor – or drift to put fish in the boat. We can target Walleyes, Smallmouth Bass, Northerns,  Muskies or Perch on these trips.  Your group may be captained by Tim Ajax with  Lake Mille Lacs Guide Service, Red Door, McQuoid’s or Gene Miller with Miller Guide services. This niche group size can be just what you need. Please call (320) 224-1731 for rates and availability.


Caution: We have seen it many times – Be careful not to book just any guide service. There are many inexperienced, uninsured, unprofessional fly by night guide services out there. They have a hot bite weekend and or a fancy boat with a map chip and all of a sudden they are a Pro Guide from anywhere in the country. Please take your time research guides word of mouth or otherwise before making your choice. Don’t get burnt and skunked.